Saturday, September 4, 2010

Farmers Market at Christie and St.Clair West

Saturdays 8:00 am to 1pm
Artscape Wychwood Barns

601 Christie St.
(St.Clair West & Christie)

Well, lets just say I was blown away and thank god they are open year round at the Art Scape Building.
Dammit that I work Saturdays! Well, I have to get up early and be there for 8am and get to work in time for 9:45am.
I'll have to bring groceries with me to work which is fine because we have a great kitchen and there's no way I can drag Papa Ash with me, especially if that means he has to wake up at 7am.
An awesome playground is there, performers and good food cooked for you as well, so grab a coffee, shop and play with your little ones when all the shopping is done.
 Why I love Farm Fresh!
Fresh, Fresh, Fresh ='s Good Food
I open the fridge door and I smell, fresh organic meat.  I look at my kitchen and I have fresh, tasty vegetables for my family to enjoy all grown in Ontario!  Properly picked and cared for.

I've interacted with farmers, I'm supporting them and that's just one of the reasons I treasure that I can go to Farmers Markets.  The food tastes sooooooo good, try for yourself and there is a difference when love is put into the Earth by these farmers.

If you haven't experienced shopping at Farmers Markets, what's stopping you?
It is not that expensive( $2.00 for potatoes, $5 for farm fresh, organic eggs, veggies and fruit cost anywhere from $2-$6 and the amount is not small)

I went with $100 cash (no interac at the Market) and came home with $35! 
I would say this is one of my favorites, I'm dying to go to Brickworks and this Wednesday I'm going to go to the one downtown in Nathan Phillips square.

So what did I buy?

I wish I had a camera to take pictures (hubby has it as he's in New York, lucky S.O.B) but anyways I bought the freshest, yummiest, organic heirloom tomatoes, beautiful organic potatoes from Everdale Farms ( I cooked with them twice today, I got a lot for $4!), fresh not frozen nitrate free side bacon and Charlies favorite Honey Garlic sausages from Green Gate Farms, I got farm fresh eggs and hormone free, organic chicken bones for stock from a Mennonite family farm called Schefter Family.  Delicious carrots that came in purple, yellow, reddish and as well from Woolerdale Farm, St. Johns Bakery bread(my fave!), Baby Ash had a brioche for breakfast!
I bought colorful string beans, Monforte Cheese sheeps milk cream cheese and the best French Lavender oil from Earthly Paradise.
Now I am safe in the kitchen from burns and a couple of drops on the diffuser in Baby Ash's room and he's in sushy bye sleepsville!

What did I make pray tell? 

Well for breakfast I used the salt free/nitrate free bacon so my sweet boy could have a bite, I sauteed onion and spinach and used the farm fresh eggs that I bought and added some of the Monforte cream cheese and with some of the potatoes I bought well....home fries were in order!  Lightly boiled then fried gently in olive oil, sprinkled some paprika, salt and dried rosemary.  They were delish'!


Yummy farm fresh Honey Garlic sausages and again more potatoes!  Only this time I mashed 'em.

Here's my recipe for mashed potatoes.

Mama Ash's Mash

8-10 medium sized potatoes, peeled and chopped
salt and pepper
a decent splash of organic 18% cream 
a dollup of butter
and a few tablespoons of cream cheese

Oh, that's some serious goodness!

Here's a list of Ontario Farmers Market.
I hope you go and when you taste the difference compared to the produce at the super store chains you will become a foodie snob like me and you'll understand.


  1. I love my local Farmers Market and try to check it out each week! I live in Marin, CA and there's always tons to check out!

    Eat local and organic and support your local farmer!

  2. The mashed potatoes sound delicious! I'm following from MBC.


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