Friday, September 3, 2010

Green Barn Market

Saturday will be on the cooler side and I am looking forward to a morning stroll with babe in tow to the Green Barn Market, located at St.Clair and Wychwood in the ArtScape building.

My dear and favorite regular client of mine who writes her own amazing food blog called Roasted Duck and a Big Gooey Cake tells me I should go so I am as I am not working this Saturday!

A little bit about this Farmers Market:
"The Green Barn Market supports Ontario agriculture by encouraging our farmers to grow as sustainably as possible, and some of our farms are Certified Organic, though not all of them.  All of our non farm vendors shop for their ingredients from the market. What you will find year round at our market is fair, real food that reflects the cost of bringing it to you so that everyone involved in it's production makes a living wage, and that causes as little damage to the environment as possible.
There's music and chefs making taste bites of what's in season each week. Ali Harris of Fish Shak is our chef at the market and he's making all his usual delicious fish sandwiches and veggie rotis as well as French Toast with a Caribbean flair and omelets that are delicious anywhere in the world. We open at 8am every Saturday morning, year round, and we stay open until noon." The Stop
I just know by the amount of vendors they have, I am going to go nuts, here's the list.

I'll keep ya posted with what we get and if you're in Toronto, have you been here?

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